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M E E T   T H E   O W N E R

Over the past decade + Vanessa Wentzel has been a pet care staple in the Greater Akron/Canton area. She has not only become a trusted confidant to many a pet parent but is a household name. A VetTech and Dog Groomer by trade, Vanessa opened her home to a better way of dog boarding. Coined "Free Range" pet boarding where dogs are free from the confines of a cage/kennel to roam just as they would in their own homes. Free Range or Cage Free pet boarding minimizes stress allowing for easier acclimation and a more positive experience for your dogs while you're away. To further give you peace of mind, Vanessa is a certified Pet CPR & First Aid Instructor for PetTech and regularly conducts classes to train others in pet safety. Don't take our word for it, see what others are saying about Vanessa!

Vanessa Wentzel, Owner




Sushi, 8, Female, Shih Tzu

rescued from an Ohio puppy mill

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